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New Generation of Vending

RFID vending is synchronized with a mobile application for the courier to stock OmniFood and for the customers to buy snacks and drinks in three simple steps. OmniFood is your store and cafe in one square meter.

What companies would benefit from OmniFood?
  • Widen your customer base
  • Become closer to customers when they need you
  • Cut operational costs on logistics
Co-workings, office spaces, campuses, gyms, residential buildings
  • Earn on previously unused space
  • Become more attractive to your clients
  • Offer comfortable solution to daily needs
How it works?
Ваше автоматизированное кафе и магазин
It is All About the Pros
  • Easy to Use. Clients will buy everything they want
  • Available 24/7. When they want
  • Get Insights. The system analyses buyer behavior and makes reports. Sell what your clients want
OmniFood App
User friendly UI and well-thought-out UX make the interaction with app easy and enjoyable
Client application
QR code scanner
Purchase of goods without registration
Courier application
Courier authorization
Product loading analytics
Update information on RFID tags
QR code scanner


Your Automated Store and Cafe at One Square Meter
When lunchtime meets technology

OmniFood is equipped with everything required for a lunchtime on the go. The client can buy here everything starting from snacks and drinks to sandwiches, salads, or yogurt. It is easy for the client to buy food and for the courier to stock it.

All actions are performed in a couple of simple steps. Need to stay at work longer? Want to buy juice in the gym? Midnight munchies? Find everything you need at OmniFood - the cafe and the store.