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Production in Georgia

Omnic, a global logistics solutions provider, is pleased to announce the opening of its new factory in Georgia. The new facility spans over 2800 square meters and allows Omnic to increase its production of mailboxes to up to 1000 units per month. This expansion reflects the company's continued commitment to meeting the growing demand for its innovative solutions.

In addition to its factory in Georgia, Omnic also has a production facility in Turkey spanning over 5000 square meters. The full production cycle of metal processing and assembly at both facilities enables Omnic to maintain a production capacity of up to 1500 modules per month. All Omnic products meet European quality and safety standards, as well as national standards in Georgia and Turkey.

Omnic has a competitive advantage over its competitors, with 45 patents in Europe and the USA. This not only demonstrates Omnic's innovative approach to developing new solutions but also ensures that the company's products are of the highest quality and meet the most stringent industry standards.

The new plant in Georgia has extensive capabilities in metal matting, painting, branding and packaging. Our logistics allow us to deliver parcel lokers all over the world. The company's commitment to quality is reflected in its quality department, which consists of 5 levels of inspection:

  • Electronics quality

  • Software and business process validation

  • Paint quality

  • Build quality

  • Quality of branding and packaging

This comprehensive approach to quality ensures that every aspect of Omnic's products and solutions meets the highest industry standards and delivers exceptional value to its customers.