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OmniPost Ulta L1 Outdoor
Go for Self-Service

The reliable OmniPost Ultra L1 Outdoor parcel lockers provide customers the ability to try the best of self-service experience 24/7 any time they want any place they wish. This solution is perfect for establishing customer-friendly self-service zones at any outdoor location: bus stations, subways, close to the supermarket, or at the parking lot.

New! OmniPost Ultra L1 Outdoor. Сheck datasheet and quotation

What companies would benefit from OmniPost?
  • Increase efficiency cutting down spendings on staff and rent
  • Widen market coverage
  • Cut down operational costs on logistics
  • Attract online shoppers to your stores
  • Make spendings on rent and staff more cost-effective
  • Provide your customers with self-service and no contact experience
How it works?
It is All About the Pros
OmniPost Ulta L1 Outdoor
It is All About the Pros
  • Waterproof and 24/7
  • Wide range of additional options
  • High customisation level
  • Comprehensive disability support
Model Range
OmniPost is a traffic generator to your locations.
OmniPost 8 and OmniPost Main 8
OmniPost 23 and OmniPost Main 23
OmniPost 24 and OmniPost Main 24
OmniPost 18 and OmniPost Main 18