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Street Food Pick Up Point

OmniBurger can be used as click&collect station for food. The cells are heated up to 60°C. Modular construction of the product allows to unite any number of modules in one device.

What companies would benefit from OmniBurger?
Food courts
  • Provide your clients with contactless experience
  • Automate the work of the kitchen
  • Reduce expenses on staff
Restaurants and cafes
  • Optimize client service
  • Serve more customers at the same time
  • Start earning on previously unused space
How it works?
It is All about the Pro
It is All about the Pro
  • Double-sided parcel locker for the client and the chef
  • Heating up to 60°C in cells
  • Temperature in each cell can be regulated
  • LED screens to attract customers and display menu
  • Modular construction allows to build up the product according to location type
Optimization for Food Industry in One Device
Contactless experience for the clients and staff

Double-sided parcel locker improves not only user experience but also brings staff work to a new level. On the one hand, the client does not need to talk to employees, who might be in a bad mood, the customer interacts with technology, which provides predictable and high level of service.

On the other hand, the processes in the restaurant are optimized and staff should not spend too much time communicating with customers. It is a win-win solution.