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About product

Comprehensive audit service is designed to provide a thorough assessment of your parcel locker business, covering all crucial aspects, such as load analysis, competitive environment, and your business's strengths and weaknesses. We dive deep into your parcel locker system, including software, hardware, processes, and procedures, to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Upon completing our analysis, we deliver a detailed report and action plan that outlines recommendations for optimizing your business and modernizing your parcel locker system.

  • In-depth analysis of your parcel locker system, including software, hardware, processes, and procedures
  • Identification of bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement
  • Comprehensive report with actionable recommendations
  • 3-year roadmap for successful implementation of improvements
  • Reduced risks and increased efficiency
Who it's best for:

Perfect for logistics companies, national postal services, marketplaces, and DIY stores with their own parcel locker networks looking to enhance their operations. Our team of experts boasts years of experience in the parcel locker industry and extensive knowledge of logistics and technology, providing an objective and detailed analysis to help you make informed decisions and achieve success in your parcel locker business.

List of works:

  • Analysis of the workload of postal terminals in different geographical areas on different days of the week and hours.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns that were conducted to attract customers to the postal network
  • To analyze statistics of usage of different ways of payment and ways of delivery of goods in postal terminals.
  • Researching feedback from customers and assessing the level of satisfaction with their experience using the postal network.
  • To analyze the technical problems arising with the postal terminals and to define the possible ways to improve their reliability.
  • Analysis of competitors and their strategies in the market of postal delivery, identifying strengths and weaknesses of competitors
  • Assessment of the post office network's compliance with legal requirements and safety regulations.
  • Development of recommendations to improve the post office network based on the results of the audit.
  • A list of activities to improve each aspect.