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About service

Restart offers a holistic approach to postal business restructuring, combining our team's expertise in logistics and postal terminal production. We conduct an audit of your postal network, assessing its load, competition, issues, strengths, and weaknesses. Our detailed roadmap outlines a collaborative plan for achieving your goals, encompassing not only process optimization but also our frameworks and methodologies. Our team supports you throughout the journey, ensuring your objectives are met.

  • A comprehensive audit of your postal network
  • Expertise in the logistics and production of postal terminals
  • A detailed roadmap for collaboration and achieving goals
  • Optimization of processes, procedures and mentality
  • Ongoing support and interaction with our team
Who it's best for:

Restart service is ideally suited for owners and operators of large-scale postal networks who are seeking to revitalize their operations. This includes postal services, logistics companies, e-commerce platforms, and businesses managing a sizable fleet of postal vehicles

List of works:

  • A complete audit of your postal network and your competitors. Identify weaknesses and strengths
  • Developing and implementing the right customer journey for b2b and end users. 
  • Creation of an attractive brand and visual style for your postal network.
  • Developing and promoting effective marketing campaigns that attract customers and show the benefits of using the postal network.
  • Create a convenient and easy order and payment process that will motivate customers to order through your POD network.
  • Providing fast and reliable delivery of goods to your POS so that customers can get their orders at a convenient time.
  • Development of additional services that will attract customers, such as the possibility of returning goods through your POS or providing discounts on the next order.
  •  Development and implementation of services that will help to increase profit and maximize monetization of the postal network 
  • Implementation of technology that will optimize costs and allow customers to get access to the postal terminals 24 by 7.