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About service

Recognizing the significance of each stage in modern logistics, we've developed Pilot, a solution designed to help companies master last mile delivery without unnecessary risks. Implementing our automated parcel lockers takes your business to new heights, expanding coverage, reducing personnel and delivery costs, optimizing expenses, and decreasing first mile delivery time. With over a decade of experience in manufacturing automated parcel lockers, we offer Pilot as a secure start for your new business, backed by extensive support from our experienced team. Starting from 50 parcel lockers

  • Implementation of a state-of-the-art automated parcel locker system
  • Improved efficiency in last mile delivery
  • Reduced costs and delivery time
  • Expansion of coverage area
  • Full support from an experienced team
Who it's best for:

Pilot is ideal for logistics companies and marketplaces seeking to optimize delivery processes, reduce costs, and expand coverage. Pilot offers a secure and efficient way to implement automated parcel lockers, backed by our experienced team.

List of works:

  • Prepare and launch 50 or more parcel lockers 
  • Define the concept of the idea, determine the desired features and functions of the post office. This can include the choice of sizes, installation of the storage system, the choice of payment methods, etc.
  • Develop the design of the parcel lockers, including branding, online and offline material positioning.
  • Develop the software for the management of the parcel lockers, which include an order management system, stock control, integration with payment systems, reporting and analytics.
  • Fabricate and assemble all necessary equipment, including enclosures, control boards, displays, barcode scanners, printers, etc.
  • Set up the software and equipment to ensure full functionality of the parcel lockers .
  • Install and run the parcel lockers at needed locations, connect them to the Internet and related equipment.
  • To train personnel to work with parcel lockers and software.
  • To provide technical support and service of your parcel lockers network
  • Knowledge base of products software in which there will be clear instructions on how to maintain the network.