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Nova Poshta

Nova Poshta is one of the biggest postal and courier company that provides express delivery of documents, freight, and parcels for individuals and businesses in Eastern Europe. 


Nova Poshta wanted to automated business process and provide clients with the last mile solution. Omnic started launching the project for Nova Poshta with consulting because we had to deeply analyze how the business works, what is the customer journey, and what issues were to be solved for the business to cut down operational costs. 


After consulting Omnic experts developed a business model for Nova Poshta and started working on launching the project. Omnic developed: 


- Business model 

- Software for the click and collect station 

- Integrated with payment solutions

- Produced and installed 120 parcel lockers for the pilot project


Parcel lockers proved to be an effective instrument for improving customer experience and cutting down costs, so 

Nova Poshta decided to scale the network for over 1000 units, which Omnic successfully performed.