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Fozzy Group
Fozzy Group is one of the leading retailers in Eastern Europe with over 600 shops.

At the end of December 2017, Fozzy Group asked Omnic to develop an innovative logistics project, which would complement their retail business. The client had no specific requirements but a strong desire to create something new, so Omnic offered a customized solution.

The team of experts deeply researched the market and came to the conclusion that to gain at least 8% of the market, the company should deliver over 50 000 parcels a day. It is not enough to launch some innovative business in this age of strong competition on the market, the product should find perfect market fit and become a leader in a segment. With the consideration of the aforementioned Omnic offered to work more precisely on the user experience and provide customers with new values.

Omnic realized that users should be educated on how to use innovations. So, developed the concept of hybrid solution that involved six features:

  • Flexibility - the product should be ergonomic and smart in terms of installation 
  • Business model that would be difficult to copy by competitors
  • Unique user experience
  • Hardware and software synergy
  • Efficient business processes
  • Modern appearance of the device

Using design thinking tools and patented methodology of team transformation Omnic developed unique product that fit into all requirements and brought clients extraordinary experience - OmniPudo.

OmniPudo is a hybrid station, which:

  • Works with an operator in day-time to help clients to use innovation
  • Works as the parcel locker during day and night time
  • Works as the parcel locker during day and night time
  • Works as a vending machine

Due to high expertise and focus Omnic devoted team realized the project in 6 month from idea to scaling for up to 400 locations.

Omnic created:
  • Concept
  • Business model
  • Developed product design
  • Produced electronics
  • Manufactured MVP
  • Upgraded MVP and manufactured 400 units
  • Developed software
  • Installed OmniPudo on 400 locations

Now Omnic continues to upgrade the product and provides Fozzy Group with IT support and technical service for all stations.

The project was a great success, which then turned into fruitful cooperation and resulted in execution of the following projects:

TMS with functionality of:
  • Managing fleet
  • Selection of external fleet management
  • Order status tracking
  • Zoning of city routes
  • City planning
  • Planning of trunk flights
  • Formation and analysis of KPIs for external carriers
  • Geocoding and visualization
  • Return management