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QStore 1006

What is QStore 1006 


Automated point of display and sale of goods. It can be used as a separate self-service point or as part of a post office design, such as QPudo.

 - Demonstration of goods and attracting customer attention to the location

 - Lower staff costs

 - Sales statistics and analytics

 - Opportunity for online projects to go offline

 - Several payment methods - in cash or by card through the built-in interface, application or with the help of a consultant at Smart Postal Office. 



Industrial solution for:


- Retailers
The ability to sell goods outside of working hours and in small areas. Creating a new customer experience.

- E-commerce
An opportunity for online projects to go offline without opening full-fledged stores and hiring employees. 

- Real estate
Making additional profit through the sale of products of partners. Improving services and providing new services.




Competitive advantage

- Sales automation
- Reduce staff costs
- Sales statistics and analytics
- Opportunity for online projects to go offline
- Payment methods - cash / card


Application for couriers (receiving and shipping parcels);

Monitoring system for the operation of the post office - turnover analysis, recommendations for resizing cells, tracking the technical condition of the post office;

Administrative panel for managing the operator's post office;

Mobile application for the end user; 

Integration of a payment system to pay for services. 


QStore 1006 specifications




Stack Size (WxHxD), m

0.5 * 2.2 * 0.405

Number of cells



Lock electromechanical TVR


Useful cell size, (WxHxD), m

0.41 * 0.28 * 0.36

Cell backlight


Body material


Door material

Metal + Acrylic





QStore 1006 operates on the basis of an integrated interface through which you can make payments and manage the device.

How is the purchase:


Step 1. In the menu, select “Place an order”


Step 2. From the product catalog, select the one you want to buy


Step 3. Pay for the purchase


Step 4. Enter the confirmation code that came in the SMS message. 


Step 5. From the open cell to pick up your purchase.


Special offer + How to order a test drive


Become the owner of QStore 1006 in just a week!


Check out the development from Omnic. Order a test drive of the equipment under special conditions - test drive conditions


450 € *

* For one module per month

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