Go for Self-Service

 Parcel locker to send and receive parcels with ease. The optimized parcel handling saves time both for the employees and for the customers, making user experience with your company enjoyable.

What companies would benefit from OmniPost?
  • Increase efficiency cutting down spendings on staff and rent
  • Widen market coverage
  • Cut down operational costs on logistics
  • Attract online shoppers to your stores
  • Make spendings on rent and staff more cost-effective
  • Provide your customers with self-service and no contact experience
How it works?
The clients makes an order online
The courier stores the parcel in the locker
The client gets SMS notification with the collecting code
The client enters collecting code and grabs the parcel
It is All About the Pros
  • Wide range of cell sizes
  • Use space effectively
  • Optimize courier route
  • Reduce expenses on staff
Model Range
OmniPost is a traffic generator to your locations.
OmniPost 8 and OmniPost Main 8
OmniPost 23 and OmniPost Main 23
OmniPost 24 and OmniPost Main 24
OmniPost 18 and OmniPost Main 18
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