Easy and secure way to get daily services
QHub is a unique, all-in-one self-service unit, benefiting from ergonomic design and a convenience that is unrivaled. 
Customers can enjoy a wide range of services, whether you are in the food delivery, mail services, e-commerce and retail, or any kind of service company that can benefit from automated self-service points in key geographic markets and locations.
What companies would benefit from QHub?
  • e-Commerce
  • Mail services and postal operations
  • Logistics and transport operations;
  • Food delivery and Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Real estate, especially if you want to maximize ground floor revenue and footfall
  • Service companies
  • Retailers that want to increase market share without the cost of opening new branches
Get more out of self-service
For locations:
  • Install almost anywhere, even when space is limited
  • Grow your customer base, increase market share
  • Become an innovator in your sector, get ahead of the competition
  • Save time for your residents
  • Get QHub customized according to your brand
  • Automated solution that provides your clients with a variety of independant services
For services:
  • Operates 24/7
  • Reduce reliance on staff 
  • Reach new cities, countries, and regions without expensive retail locations and staff


All-in-One Self-Service Station for Everyone Anywhere
  • Module for receiving and sending packages
  • ATM function control module
  • Dry cleaning module
  • The Unique design of the lattice


  • LED screen for advertising
  • Vending with cooling
  • Heated Food Delivery Module
  • Vending without temperature
  • Cooling module
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