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YouDo - convenient service that allows you to quickly and safely find reliable performers to address domestic and business problems.

YouDo works in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as on the territory of Moscow and Leningrad regions.



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Clients: YouDo

Task: Develop and provide marketing innovative solution for ErpLab.

YouDo developed a strategy to connect with customers and build relationships through new touch points using email and mobile. YouDo worked closely with the Services team at the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud to help revamp its lifecycle campaign email.

45-day Lifecycle Campaign

A multi-faceted 45-day trigger program for email creates high-value interactions with the YouDo audience, delivering content they need at exactly the right time along the journey. Starting with a welcome email, YouDo invites subscribers to opt in to receive email or SMS communications, including property listings that meet their criteria, and invitations to see the properties they’re interested in.

When a customer visits YouDo and submits a lead to a specific property, a welcome email is triggered and the potential client is plugged into a 45-day lifecycle campaign.

Day 1 – Welcome email with various calls to action

Days 1-10 – The customer receives various services based on chosen criteria

Day 20 – Check-in email from YouDo

Day 30 – Subscribers receive an email at 30 days prompting them to write a review if they found a property

Day 45 – Check-in email from YouDo

45-Day Email Campaign Results

The new welcome email series, with its redesign and new calls to action, enables YouDo to provide highly relevant information and guidance at crucial times in the customer lifecycle. Results include:

  • Click-through rate increased from 1.8% to 5.6%
  • Overhauled welcome email with new call to action saw a conversion rate increase from 0% to 30%!
  • Millions of emails sent through 45-day lifecycle campaign
  • Measured increased engagement with the brand
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