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TVR is a company that is installing postamats.
POSTAMAT – is an automatic self service complex, designed to receive and send parcels (dispatches) with a built in payment terminal.



  • Business Management System
  • Ecommerce Platform Solution
  • Photoptoduction
  • Marketing Innovative Platform
  • Mobile Solution



Customer: Eurobox

Task: Develop a Business Web Site

The main goal: Creation of a business web site for Eurobox company.

During the development of a Business Web Site, the customer was offered a unique design.

The main tasks of the site are promouting information about postamats. It's the main product of the Eurobox company.



The site includes instructions use postamats. 

Features of the project: 

  • Development of individual products with full integration into third parties systems – design, software, integration with hardware for quick work
  • Automation of process is maximum
  • Free bug fixing, after 36 month after putting of the product (in the case of its appearance, such as, at debugged integration into third parties system)
  • The possibility of subsequent improvements and expansion of the functional (SAS-decision)


Benefits that the client received:


  • Increase loyalty among existing customers
  • Additional channel to attract new customers
  • Expansion of the geographical boundaries of your business
  • Development of a unique brand of your company, its popularization among existing and future customers
  • Increase customer confidence and moral pressure on competitors
  • Great and affordable platform for testing new business ideas
  • Excellent channel customer feedback
  • The fastest way to deliver information to the customer
  • Customer service your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the same quality
  • Simplify life for your customers and getting more statistics about them

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