Fozzy Group



Developed a business model
  • Developed software
  • Designed functional filling and design of smart compartments
  • Made and installed more than 400 smart-offices in Ukraine
  • Managing your own fleet
  • Selection of external fleet management
  • Order status tracking
  • Zoning of city routes
  • City flight planning
  • Planning of trunk flights
  • Geocoding + visualization
  • Formation and analysis of KPIs for external carriers
  • Return management
Warehouse options
  • Product group - Consumer goods
  • Area - 3 000 sq.m.
  • Type - cross docking
Parameters of the implemented WMS
  • Operating in B2C mode
  • Sorting and storing orders by set parameters (regions, counterparties)
  • A single API for integrating with online stores
  • The system of control and introduction of weight and overall dimensions
  • The billing system fixes payments according to the set tariffs
Mobile Courrier
  • Product group - Consumer goods
  • Receiving parcels in stock
  • Shipment of parcels from the warehouse for transportation and to the office
  • Voice control of application functions
  • Ability to add photos and videos to the EN
  • Synchronize and work with wireless scanners
  • GPS tracking and coordinate fixing
  • Operational communication with the support manager
  • Offline mode
  • Navigator for route formation
  • Sort parcels inside the car for easy shipment]
Delivery point management system


  • Management of binding to financial institutions (banks, payment systems)
  • Organization of personnel accounting (staff time, number of hours worked)
  • Operation in B2B and B2C modes
  • Sale of additional goods
  • Address storage management system in the compartment
  • CRM system
  • ERP system
  • Cross-dock warehouse management system
  • Transport logistics management system


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