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Brands Hub



Marketplace for wholesale trade in the fashion industry.

BRANDSHUB - technological solution for Russian market of B2B commerce in the fashion industry. 


Customer: BrandsHub

Task #1: Creating an innovative platform for B2B commerce in the fashion industry.

All site developed with the nowaday tendentious in fashion and style. The color schema is black and white, it's make the website more business oriented.

However, the main customer of these innovative services are suppliers and buyer.

Task #2: Develop and provide marketing innovative solution.


Prior to using the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud's suite of products, BrandsHub was sending event-triggered emails that lacked personalization and tracking capabilities. The company also sent general newsletter-type email blasts that generated ongoing unsubscribes and spam complaints. The marketing team had difficulty gauging subscriber engagement and what kinds of content resonated.

BrandsHub sought a better way to target and track communications with its B2C and B2B audiences.


Switching to the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud enabled BrandsHub to bring all communications, marketing campaigns, and event-triggered emails together into a holistic, targeted program.

At any given time, BrandsHub has nearly 100 automated campaigns running for B2C and B2B subscribers, using advanced segmentation and personalization, as well as a CRM integration. From welcome programs to winback campaigns, BrandsHub's emails now center around providing subscribers with the most relevant information at the right time.


B2C results include:

  • 16x increase in average email click-through rate
  • 5x growth in web traffic

B2B results include:

  • 130% increase in number of leads and 104% increase in sales from personalized B2B emails
  • 2x increase in web traffic
  • 50% of all BrandsHub sales leads now originate via email

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