Hybrid 3-in-1 Solution

OmniPudo is a multifunctional 3-in-1 self-service point that combines the functionality of the post office, parcel locker, and vending.

What companies would benefit from an OmniPudo solution?
  • Cut down operational costs on logistics
  • Get additional revenue stream from selling goods via OmniStore vending 
  • Open new offices cutting down costs on staff and rent
  • Use available space in the store effectively and get profit from it
  • Attract more customers due to providing more services 
  • Sell top rated products via OmniStore vending
Parcel Locker. How it works?
Parcel locker
The client makes an order online and chooses OmniPudo as the destination point
The courier stores the parcel in the locker
The client gets SMS notification with the collecting code
The client enters coll
The client chooses a good to purchase and remembers cell id
Enters number of the cell
Pays in cash or credit card
Сollects the good from the cell
Enhance Your Business with OmniPudo
  • OmniPudo doesn't require a lot of space due to ergonomic design
  • Get profit from previously unused locations
  • Two operation modes depending on the market needs: self-service or with assistant
  • Get additional revenue source - sell goods in vending
  • Scale rapidly and widen your coverage
Simple as It Is
Sustainable Innovation Caring for Clients

Install OmniPudo on any traffic place to give clients the opportunity to send and receive parcels 24/7 and to buy goods from vending. In case the market is not ready to experience full automation - no problem!

We have developed comfortable workplaces for two assistants who would educate clients on how to use OmniPudo. Later on, these workplaces can be rented to service companies.

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