Wacom - a transnational corporation, the world's leading manufacturer of pen tablets, associated components and CAD for electrical design. 

Wacom tablets use a technology based on electromagnetic resonance phenomenon. Pen tablet provides the necessary energy to work with an inductive resonance, so no wires, no batteries pen does not require. 

Beneath the surface of the tablet is a printed circuit board, which is a matrix of a plurality of taking-transmitting coil and a magnetic reflector that is located below the matrix. During transmission plate generates an electromagnetic field with a frequency of 531 kHz. This field causes fluctuations in the LC-circuit of the pen when the user puts it on a sufficiently close distance to the plate. Excessive electromagnetic energy is reflected back into the pen tablet. In receive mode resonant oscillations in the circuit matrix tablet pen detected. By means of digital signal processing chip, housed in a tablet, an analysis of the signal from the pen to determine its position and inclination. 

Additionally, the pen transmits other important information, such as the degree of pressing the tip of the pen and the state of the buttons ID. By varying the pressure on the pen tip, the user changes the parameters of LC-circuit pen. Caused by changes in the signal from the pen can be transferred to the plate analog or digital. In the case of an analog fashion degree clicking on the pen tip modulates the phase of the signal in the case of digital transmission pen tablet sends a set of numbers. Pen returns state information in the form of a pen computer package at speeds up to 200 pieces per second.

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