Reliability, security, high performance, ease of operation. This is the main thing that characterizes the Oracle products for many years. The most important - it is the DBMS, which has become today almost mandatory part of any serious information system. However, not only do these features allow Oracle products to maintain leadership in the database market. Rapidly developing information technologies require the extension of the classical modern DBMS functionality only for the storage and processing of data. Moving with the times, Oracle essentially breaks the existing views on the database, giving it more and more new features.

Modern Oracle database is a powerful software package that allows you to build applications of any complexity. The core of this complex is the database that stores the information, the amount of which is provided by means of the scaling is almost unlimited. With high efficiency work with this information at the same time can have virtually any number of users (if there are sufficient hardware resources), showing no tendency to decrease system performance with a sharp increase in their numbers.

Scaling mechanisms in Oracle latest version allow unlimited increase the power and speed of the Oracle server and its applications by simply adding more and more nodes in the cluster. It does not require stopping running applications that do not require rewriting legacy applications developed for conventional single-machine architecture. In addition, the failure of individual nodes in the cluster also does not stop the application.

Integration into the DBMS Oracle JavaVM, full support of server technologies (Java Server Pages, Java-servlets modules Enterprise JavaBeans, APIs CORBA), has led to the fact that Oracle is currently the de facto standard database for the Internet.

Another component of the success of the Oracle database is multi-platform, as it comes to virtually all existing operating systems today. Working under Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows or another operating system with Oracle products there would be no problems at work. Oracle database works equally well on any platform. Thus, companies who work with Oracle products do not have to change the already established network environment. There are only a small number of differences when working with databases, due to the peculiarities of a particular operating system. In general, it is always the same safe, reliable and convenient DBMS Oracle.

Realizing that the transition from an older version to the new database rather laborious procedure associated with testing existing applications in the new environment, Oracle, with the release of new products focuses on the compatibility of a bottom-up, making this transition virtually painless. In addition, for the transfer of data from the database of other firms in the database Oracle, Oracle offers a free special tools. With a user-friendly graphical interface, Oracle Migration Workbench, step by step, semi-automatically, help is fairly complicated procedure of migration.

The latest versions of the Oracle database is much easier to install and initial setup. Also increased possibilities for setting up a specialized database applications for a specific task. As a result, when working with OLTP-system, and the data store using these opportunities to configure the DBMS Oracle, you can achieve truly impressive results.

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