JavaScript - Prototype-oriented scripting language programming. Is a dialect of ECMAScript.

JavaScript is commonly used as an embedded language for programmatic access to the application site. The most widely used is in the browser as a scripting language to make interactive Web pages.

The main architectural features: dynamic typing, weak typing, automatic memory management, prototype-programming functions as first-class objects.

On JavaScript influenced many languages, the development has been the goal of making the language like Java, but at the same time easy to use nonprogrammer. JavaScript language does not own any company or organization that distinguishes it from a number of programming languages ​​used in web development.

Title «JavaScript» is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation


Language Features

JavaScript is an object-oriented language, but the language used in prototyping causes the differences in working with objects compared to traditional class-oriented languages. In addition, JavaScript has a number of properties inherent in functional languages ​​- functions as first-class objects, objects as lists, currying, anonymous functions, closures - which gives the language more flexible.


Despite similar to C syntax, JavaScript, compared with the C language has fundamental differences:

  • objects with the possibility of introspection;
  • functions as first-class objects;
  • automatic type conversion;
  • automatic garbage collection;
  • anonymous functions.

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