1C: Enterprise - a software company 1C, designed to automate the activities of the enterprise.

Originally 1C:Enterprise has been designed to automate accounting and management accounting (including payroll and personnel management), but today this product finds application in areas distant from the actual accounting problems.



Technology platform "1C:Enterprise" provides an interface on the database (using the database on the basis of DBF-files in 7.7, a proprietary format 1CD version 8.0 or Microsoft SQL Server database to any of these versions). In addition, version 8.1 data storage is possible in a PostgreSQL database and IBM DB2, and version 8.2 was added, and Oracle. Has its own internal programming language, which provides, in addition to data access, interoperability with other applications via OLE and DDE, in versions 7.7, 8.0 and 8.1 - with the help of COM-connection.

The client part of the platform operates in the Microsoft Windows environment and, starting with version 8.3, among Linux. Starting with version 8.1, the server-side platform in a client-server mode "1C: Enterprise" can function to Linux.

There are special versions of the runtime 1C for laptops and PDA, software for creating Web applications that interact with the database of "1C: Enterprise".


Configuration of "1C: Enterprise Management (ERP)"

This decision is a flagship-class configuration ERP. With this program, you can automate the company of any size. It is only compatible with the platform 8.3.

The key advantage of the new flagship solution company "1C" are:

  • extensive functionality at the level of ERP-systems world-class;
  • flexible and productive modern platform "1C: Enterprise 8.3", supports the work of the Internet, including "cloud" technologies and work on mobile devices;
  • a large number of customized solutions that extend the capabilities of the system on a single platform (PDM, MES, EAM, PMO, ITIL, CRM, MDM, WMS, TMS, BSC, ECM, CPM, etc..);
  • use in the production of unique techniques, such as the theory of constraints and the method of "drum - buffer - rope";
  • low cost of ownership and the ability to produce significant economic benefits to labor productivity growth, and rapid return on investment.

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