Fozzy Group



Developed a business model
- Developed software
- Designed functional filling and design of smart compartments
- Made and installed more than 400 smart-offices in Ukraine
Managing your own fleet
- Selection of external fleet management
- Order status tracking
- Zoning of city routes
- City flight planning
- Planning of trunk flights
- Geocoding + visualization
- Formation and analysis of KPIs for external carriers
- Return management
Warehouse options
- Product group - Consumer goods
- Area - 3 000 sq.m.
- Type - cross docking
Parameters of the implemented WMS
- Operating in B2C mode
- Sorting and storing orders by set parameters (regions, counterparties)
- A single API for integrating with online stores
- The system of control and introduction of weight and overall dimensions
- The billing system fixes payments according to the set tariffs
Mobile Courrier
Product group - Consumer goods
- Receiving parcels in stock
- Shipment of parcels from the warehouse for transportation and to the office
- Voice control of application functions
- Ability to add photos and videos to the EN
- Synchronize and work with wireless scanners
- GPS tracking and coordinate fixing
- Operational communication with the support manager
- Offline mode
- Navigator for route formation
- Sort parcels inside the car for easy shipment]
Delivery point management system
Management of binding to financial institutions (banks, payment systems)
Organization of personnel accounting (staff time, number of hours worked)
Operation in B2B and B2C modes
Sale of additional goods
- Address storage management system in the compartment
- CRM system
- ERP system
- Cross-dock warehouse management system
- Transport logistics management system


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