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OMNIC Presents Innovative Solution at Kiev Smart City Forum 2018!

Kyiv Smart City Forum is focused on smart city technologies and their implementation  in cities.
OMNIC together with its strategic partner Modern-Expo decided to join Kiev Smart City Forum
to promote innovative solutions intended to transform the city. 
On the 31st of October over 1200 people visited Kiev Smart City Forum. Among the visitors were representatives of local authorities, embassies,
international organizations, vendors, experts, activists, and simply the ones who want to transform the city via innovation and technologies.
During the conference, which was included into the exhibition program, top experts discussed the value of smart city development and benefits
that it provides to its residents. Having the same idea in mind, OMNIC developed all-in-one self-service point, Brandshub, to make the life of the
residents easier and for the businesses to provide real last mile experience for their end-customers.  
Brandshub is based on the click and collect principle and combines parcel locker and vending machine functions equipped with cooling and warming
module for food delivery from grocery stores and restaurants, module for laundry and post service. 

OMNIC New Innovative Solutions at POST-EXPO 2018!

The leading international exhibition POST-EXPO 2018 expands dimensions of the postal industry.
OMNIC together with Modern-Expo joined the event for the second time with brand new solutions.
This year POST-EXPO (9-11 October, Hamburg, Germany) was visited by more than 3000 people from over 100 countries. 
The event gathered postal operators, couriers, delivery companies to debate current issues and set business relationships. 
The conferences which were included into exhibition program provided the excellent opportunity to discuss the latest innovations and
technologies driving postal industry forward. Chief Operating Officer of Ukrposhta, Oleksandr Pertsovskyi, delivered an interesting topic
“E-commerce exports by microentrepreneurs: unlocking new growth potential”. 


Modern-Expo together with its innovative partner Omnic joined the exhibition for the second time. The booth B1.410 was one of
the most visited places where storage solutions and outstanding e-commerce innovations were showcased.
Many well-known companies visited the booth to get more information about new products. The exhibition was a great success!





Omnic Innovative Product on Hamburg Post-Expo 2018

Omnic Presents Smart Solutions for Last Mile at Post-Expo 
On the 9th-11th of October, Omnic together with its partner Modern-Expo, will attend the world’s leading international postal and parcel industry
exhibition and conference, POST-EXPO, for the second time!
On its stand B1.410, in Hamburg, Germany, Omnic will present its newest Smart Solution for Last Mile - BrandsHub.
Another product that will be presented on Post-Expo is Smart Mini Postal Office. It is a semi-automated multifunctional point of self-service;  
perfect solution for small areas. The postal office is equipped with the stand-alone self-service  module and the innovative technological stack.
It is  Perfect Solution For All Industries
  • E-Commerce: Order online and get the parcels close to you.                                  
  • Logistics: Can replace the offices of delivery companies and reduce the logistics expenses in residentials buildings. 
  • Retail: While the supermarket is closed at night, the business                              
  • Post Service: Send the parcels to other people at the most  сontinues to work round the clock; shared self-service point.       
  • Laundry Service: Leave the clothes inside the locker and  get them cleaned when ready.
BrandsHUB is based on the click and collect principle and combines parcel locker and vending machine functions; quipped with cooling/warming
module for food delivery from grocery stores. BrandsHub builds international network  of all-in-one self-service hubs that can be easy located
and integrated in residential buildings, universities, work spaces.


OMNIC Latest Technology You Must See In Geneva This Year

The latest parcel locker solution from Modern-Expo Group & Omnic, which is designed to help consumers make the most of their online shopping and delivery experience, will be on display. Convenience and ease of access are key when dealing with modern e-commerce customers and as such, Modern-Expo Group has partnered with OMNIC to introduce its 24/7 Delivery Station with Arthur Grigorian, an automated self-service parcel locker that enables shoppers to collect parcels at a time that’s convenient for them. The solution can be deployed either as a standard parcel locker for general e-commerce deliveries, or with special cells that can maintain a locker’s temperature between 2°C and 8°C. This keeps online food orders fresh until customers are ready to collect their purchases. The 24/7 Delivery Station can be situated inside as well as outside stores, refuelling stations and shopping malls, making it an ideal solution for postal operators, delivery services, logistics companies, e-commerce retailers and even pharmacies. 


OMNIC #1 Technology Integrator for Lifestyle and Fashion Enterprises shifts focus to deliver even greater results for businesses.

Omni Capital is a customer centric digital agency that delivers high performing eCommerce solutions dedicated to growth oriented Trade Shows and Enterprise Branded Manufacturers and Merchants in both B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) with industry leading practices in multichannel retail strategies, mobile, customer experience, innovative design, and complex system integration.

Our company was founded in Los Angeles in 2013. Since then OMNIC worked in stealth mode with system integrators providing unique innovative solutions for worldwide companies such as Hugo Boss, Philips, Alexander McQueen, Collection premiere, Breitling etc. We have 120 certified engineers, designers and integrators around the world.

For 2017, OMNIC has shifted its approach and has begun working directly with clients. This change of strategy improves the service for the customers and allows a much more cost effective pricing model that is ideal for large clients and allows us to create a high level end products. In support of this initiative, we have brought in eight world-class consultants from such spheres as retail, fashion, marketplace, logistic, fintech, and e-commerce to create turnkey solution for our valued clients. This is the next step in the evolution of our products that were successfully launched last year. In 2016 OMNIC launched three private label products that had been in development for three years in our R&D department.

Trade Show Next Platform @

B2B eCommerce Social Platform that was designed for trade shows to connect and engage their customers even more effectively. It allows our clients to grow and expand their business, providing tangible and on-going value for the suppliers and buyers.

Parcel Lockers

White label Self Service Post Offices that allow shoppers to optimize their time by getting their packages delivered at the self-service point of pickup of their choice, available for extended hours. When ordering goods via home shopping catalogues, channels or online stores, there is no need to go to the post office to pick them up, or wait around for delivery. All orders will be dispatched to the nearest parcel terminal, creating ease of pick up while simplifying the logistics for retailers and shipping services.

PaaS B2C Marketplace

It's a “white label” eCommerce system for operation fully under your brand. It includes price management, CRM, inventory management systems, supplier integration systems and logistic services, as well as marketing tools. It was created for online companies who want to add value for their customers while optimizing efficiency.

B2B eCommerce Benchmarking Study

There are  two reports that analyze and discuss B2B eCommerce sales and marketing benchmarks and technology spending benchmarks that were anounced by Forrester.

- “Benchmarking B2B eCommerce Sales and Marketing Initiatives

- “Benchmarking B2B eCommerce Technology Investment Initiatives

According to them Forrester found that B2B companies are:

  • Increasing customer channel-shift and seeing improved year-over-year metrics. A significant percentage of offline customers are moving online.  In fact, 86% of the B2B companies we surveyed said that they had recently migrated offline customers online, while only 14% said that they’d moved online customers offline. B2B eCommerce companies also report that they’re seeing improved Average Order Values (AOVs), conversion rates, and number of lines per order in 2013 versus 2012.  Moreover, B2B eCommerce professionals indicate that they are generally maintaining their margins year over year.
  • Investing heavily in eCommerce technology to retain existing customers and capture new ones. Nearly 70% of B2B eCommerce professionals anticipate increasing their technology budgets in 2014.  Further, a majority of those we surveyed said that they have plans to change or upgrade their eCommerce platform in the next 18 months. Forrester’s research shows that B2B eCommerce executives are responding aggressively to the demand for B2C-like customer experience expectations and mobile-specific use cases.  In addition, B2B companies are focusing heavily on back-end integration and content management tools.

Source: Andy Hoar's Blog

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